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Business Opportunities

Roaring Forties

Aston Martin
There are now many companies that will organise events for you or offer you a "package". I speak of companies that will sort out your wedding for you, or your stag weekend, taking on the burden of booking everything and offering you ideas usually in a glossy catalogue or web page.

But there is one event in a man's life that is never organised. It is never planned and when it happens it can cause much turmoil and anxiety. That event is known as the "Mid-life Crisis".

Now there is no reason why this should even be a crisis at all. When a man reaches this stage in his life he goes chasing after young women or buys a flashy sports car or takes up riding powerful motorbikes etc. Crisis? What crisis?

So, my idea is that if a mid-life crisis is properly planned and organised then it can be a most enjoyable event. And that's where Roaring Forties comes in. (You don't have to call it Roaring Forties - that's just a working title. In fact the name's probably already been taken for some other enterprise.) Your company will provide a complete service to cater for a man's mid-life crisis.

You will effectively enable your client to choose their ideal mid-life crisis from a variety of options and will make sure that everything goes smoothly when the time arrives.

Custom is quite likely to come from his friends and family who will chip in and buy him a Roaring Forties package or a gift voucher towards it. With the right marketing this plan has limitless potential.

What about a space flight on Spaceship One? Or take part in a coup and help overthrow a president of some cruddy little country? Or buy a remote African tribe and have them worship you as a god?


Business Opportunities
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