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General Pooclub Chats


During a daily discussion in the forum, Mike was once asked about his Marmite preference. The conversation proceeded thus:

Mike: I am ambivalent towards Marmite. Can take it or leave it.

Keith: Michael, ambivalent towards Marmite, it's the lifeblood of the nation, how could you, I'm devastated

Mike: I have always taken a neutral stance regarding Marmite. It's something I feel very strongly about. Please don't disparage my views.

Brian: I can't get involved in your yeast based rows as I've never tried Marmite. Ever.

Joel: You haven't lived Brynn my old fruit!

Mike: On the contrary. He's neither missed anything nor suffered anything.

Joel: How very zen
Marmite zen

Brian: I don't want to get involved so leave me out of this.

Mike has made it quite plain that his ambivalence towards Marmite is very strong. He's passionate about his ambivalent attitude. In fact I'm willing to bet good money that he'd fight you over it.

Mike: I have fought duels over my Marmite beliefs.

Keith: Michael whilst I respect your beliefs, I think no-one should have an ambivalent attitude about the big M, love it or hate it I say

Mike: Absolutely not! This is one fence I'm determined to sit on no matter how many splinters I get in my bum.

Actually, I've just thought. If this information were to get out it would tear Marmite's marketing strategy to shreds. They could face a lot of expensive legal action and a lot of trouble from the Advertising Standards Authority.

I wonder how much they'd pay me to keep quiet about it.

Ciaran: They'll have to pay me as well, although I don't take your wishy-washy position on Marmite. I love it, and yet I also hate it.

Mike: Ah, you bet hedging coward. Only true indifference is the mark of a man. You just haven't got the guts, you spineless wimp.

General Pooclub Chats
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