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Mike's Spot

The Myth Of Lesbianism

Lesbians ... my arse!
Perhaps the most controversial of my theories is that of the Non-Existence Of Lesbianism. This has met with more hostility than any other theory I have proffered. However, it is gratifying to know that when you touch a nerve as badly as I have with what I am about to tell you, then you're clearly getting too close to the truth.

And the truth is that there is no such thing as lesbianism. If you can handle the truth then you are welcome to continue reading, otherwise you'd better bail out now before you get all cross and bothered.

Although the word 'lesbian' has been around for centuries, lesbianism itself has only really surfaced within the current generation. A few years ago women would have baulked at the idea of lesbianism, but now everybody's claiming to be a lesbian.
It's a fashion thing.
It's a girl thing.
It's a gay thing (yes, I know, "of course it is").

But it is not like male homosexuality. Traditionally, homosexuality has been suppressed and homosexuals have been persecuted. It has only been recently that acts of homosexuality have been legal. Yet, throughout history, there have been many gay men - Julius Caesar, Alexander The Great, Oscar Wilde, Michael Barrimore to name but a few. Even if the proportion of gays is very small (and I do not accept that it is anything like the ten percent that is often claimed) the sheer number of people that have lived means that it is hardly surprising that a substantial list of famous homosexuals can be drawn from the pages of history.

Like it or not, male homosexuality is natural. I don't care if you say it's genetic, or acquired, or a deviant aberration that should be wiped off the face of the planet, it's just something that happens and there always has been and always will be a certain percentage of the male population that are gay.

The same is not so of lesbianism. Lesbianism is new. There can be no explanation for the sudden explosion in the number of so-called lesbians other than that it is all a fallacy. Isn't it surprising how so many actresses and female pop stars are now claiming to be lesbians? Not to me it isn't. I am no longer surprised by what celebrities will do for publicity.

And, of course, if the celebrities do it, the chavs want to do it too. And so naturally many ordinary women these days claim with some pride that they have indulged in a lesbian act. And possibly they have. I'm not saying that the physical act of girl-on-girl doesn't happen. It does and there's plenty of video evidence to show that it does.

But it doesn't mean that they are lesbians because they are doing it for a very different reason from male homosexuals. They do it because:

  • they're getting paid to do it - i.e. make a porno film;
  • they believe that everyone else is doing it, so they have to do it too;
  • they think it'll make other women respect them more;
  • they think it'll make men find them more interesting;
  • they're too stupid to realise that they don't actually have to do it, they could get away with just saying that they've done it.

But many of them aren't that stupid and don't do it at all, but merely claim to have done so. Guys, try out this experiment. Have a few beers with a mate and then the two of you go up to a couple of birds in a bar that you don't stand a chance with and chat them up. If you get rejected, chances are they'll use the "we're lesbians" rebuttal. They're not. They just want to get rid of you as quickly and easily as possible. Not long ago, a bird would never have dreamed of using that excuse.

If lesbianism existed there'd be a lot more evidence of it in the past than there is. There would not be this dramatic rise in public lesbianism. Sure, male homosexuality has increased publically and that is hardly surprising because we now have a more tolerant society, but male homosexuality has always been there, albeit under wraps but society has always been aware of it. But as far as lesbianism goes I cannot accept that women, and women alone, have recently undergone a genetic evolutionary change.

(Interestingly, Queen Victoria did not believe in lesbianism because she thought it so disgusting that no one would ever do it. She was right in her belief but for the wrong reason.)

In this day and age, women have thought, well, if guys can be gay then we want some of that too. But the sad fact of the matter is they can't. They can't because lesbianism doesn't exist and it never has existed. Any woman who believes herself to be lesbian is simply deluding herself, or is being deluded by her peers.

And before anyone says, hey, if you're looking for historical evidence of lesbianism then what about the island of Lesbos - for Christ's sake, Mike, that actually gave us the word "lesbian". Well, that same civilisation also gave us names like Cyclops, Methusula and Minotaur. The fact of the matter is that lesbianism is nothing more than a Greek myth.


Mike's Spot
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