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Mike's Spot

Pooclub - The Ultimate Truth

From the earliest days of pooclub it became apparent that members need not necessarily be who they claim to be. There is absolutely nothing to stop anyone from making up a false name or even having more than one character under their control in this forum.

We do not discourage this activity, in fact we rather like it. Afterall we just want to hear you spout a load of old rubbish whoever you are.

However, the more multiple personalities that we have in pooclub the fewer real members we actually have, and it soon became apparent exactly how many members pooclub truly has.


That's right. Mike has created each and every character that has ever beset pooclub. Many members have a great deal of difficulty coming to terms with the realisation that they do not truly exist and that they are merely figments of Mike's deranged imagination. There are others who foolishly refuse to believe this and insist that they are free thinking self-aware individuals and Mike's just making this up to weird them out.

Often they claim to be real by quoting Descartes' "I think therefore I am", or Plato's "Look, you stupid asshole, I KNOW that I am real. I had a life BEFORE I joined this lame forum so you cannot have created me! Honestly, this is the biggest pile of arse I've yet to read in pooclub and I tell you, I've seen some right fucking drivel here."

But the only reality is that you have been made to think that you are real. The characters here have developed into pseudo-sentient personalities and you are no exception. Every Man Jack of us here is the same person.

It is perhaps a little misleading to say that Mike created you and all the other members of pooclub, but that is probably the best way to lead us up to the Ultimate Truth about pooclub. And it is that Ultimate Truth that is about to be brought before you.

It is not so much true that Mike created you, but that you created Mike. You, Mike, Kate, Brian, Joel, Carol, etc are all the same person. This means that if you feel that you do think and therefore am (sorry, are) and your self awareness is real then it is you who has created pooclub and all its members past and present.

To prove this, all you have to do is perform this little experiment. I say little, but it is in fact a big experiment because it requires that you make a lifelong committment and throw away something that you value highly. Pooclub.

What you have to do is this. Leave pooclub. Go. Never come back here again, never visit this site, never post another message and never read anybody else's poomails ever again. Ever. If you were to do this you will find that pooclub simply disappears. You will live your life in the reality that you had before you created pooclub.

However, if you were to come back you will find that pooclub will be instantly re-created and furthermore will appear as if it had never disappeared. This is because pooclub will not have disappeared because you did not leave permanently.

This demonstrates conclusively that the Ultimate Truth about pooclub is that Pooclub Is You.


Mike's Spot
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