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Club News

Pooclub Weather Stations Go On-Line

Grimsby this morning
Grimsby this morning
Pooclub is enormously proud to announce the opening of its very own weather stations which we have positioned in the geographical locations of our most active members. Data from these stations are displayed on the increasingly more popular Events And Weather page where pooclubbers can now see at a glance how their current weather compares with other members'.

Locations that are featured so far are:

  • London (Mike, Joel, Karl, Lucy)
  • Leeds (Kate, Rachel, Sarah)
  • Grimsby (Brian) - actually, due to planning restrictions pooclub was unable to build a weather station in Grimsby itself and so Humberside was the nearest we could manage.
  • Bournemouth (Matt)
  • Wellington (Ian)
  • Melbourne (Dave) - not sure why we invested in the Melbourne one, we haven't heard a dicky from Dave for ages.

London today - Islington High Street
London today - Islington High Street
Disagreements on who's having the best weather at the moment can now be quickly resolved by consulting this page. It is also hoped that this feature will encourage members to make the weather better in their locations in a competitive but good-spirited manner. Earlier today, we presented the new page to BBC weathergirl Sian Lloyd and she commented, "Anything that prompts people to make better weather for themselves is a good thing. You've no idea how often I get blamed when the weather's bad."

Note that the weather forecasts in the grey column are pooclub weather and do not apply to any geographical location.


Today it will be mild.

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With Jesus On Your Side
Posted: Monday 8 April
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Wibble Day

Weather: Today it will be Mild.

Today is a good day to have a wank and a bad day to get drunk.

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It is a "Moderate" day for pooclub.

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