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Poochoonz Oblongz

Each time you win a Poochoonz game you are awarded a choon oblong, or choblong as they're affectionately known.

Here's what our playerz have won so far.
Mike   19
Ian   18
Brian   18
Corianderdog   14
Keith   11
Naomi   10
Ciaran   9
BM   4
Jim   4
Joel   4
dr alan   3
Holly   1
Erica   1
LeeAnn   1

    Month Choonmeister Winner Artist Song Theme
115:   Apr 2017 Ciaran
114:   May 2015 Naomi Ciaran The B-52s Rock Lobster Bacon
113:   Apr 2015 Ciaran Naomi The Byrds Turn Turn Turn New Growth
112:   Mar 2015 Ian Ciaran Neil Diamond The Jazz Singer Love Is Like...
111:   Feb 2015 Prince Philip Ian Sex Pistols Pretty Vacant Politics
110:   Jan 2014 Ian Brian Cee Lo Green Fuck You January
109:   Dec 2014 Keith Ian Pig Floyd Sheep Sheep
108:   Nov 2014 Mike Keith The Cranberries Zombie Misery
107:   Oct 2014 Keith Mike Iron Maiden Charlotte The Carrot Carrots
106:   Sep 2014 Mike Keith Scooter How Much Is The Fish? Fish
105:   Aug 2014 Corianderdog Mike Ramones Theme From Spider-man Spiders
104:   Jul 2014 Ian Corianderdog Ralph Flanagan Hot Toddy Hot Drinks
103:   Jun 2014 Naomi Ian Motorhead White Line Fever Judge Your Own Choon
102:   May 2014 Mike Naomi Scaffold Lily The Pink Booze
101:   Apr 2014 BM Mike Hot Butter Popcorn No theme
100:   Mar 2014 Corianderdog BM Nina 99 Luftballons Languages Other Than English
99:   Feb 2014 Ian Corianderdog Elmer Bernstein Toccata For Toy Trains My New Job
98:   Jan 2014 Mike Ian Pilot January Snow
97:   Dec 2013 Corianderdog Mike Red Hot Chili Peppers They're Red Hot Warm and toasty
96:   Nov 2013 Keith Corianderdog Benny Bell Shaving Cream Facial Hair
95:   Oct 2013 Corianderdog Keith Jeannie C. Riley Harper Valley PTA Country & Western
94:   Sep 2013 Ian Corianderdog Weather Report Boogie Woogie Waltz W
93:   Aug 2013 Jim, Brian, Ciaran & Ian Ian M Pop Muzik Various
92:   Jul 2013 Mike
(4 joint winners)
Ian Captain Mog The Island Sea Take Me Away!
:   Ciaran Billy Bragg I Ain't Fillin' In (or aaaaht) No Stinkin' Forms "
:   Brian Elvis Costello I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea "
:   Jim Gondwanaland VJD "
91:   Jun 2013 Brian Mike Bad News Bohemian Rhapsody Cover versions
90:   May 2013 Corianderdog Brian The Proclaimers I'm On My Way Karaoke
89:   Apr 2013 Keith Corianderdog The Staples Singers I'll Take You There Songs to send Kuzma on his way
88:   Mar 2013 Ian Keith Tim Minchin Pope Song (Fuck the Motherfucker) DieAussenseiter Songs Samuel L Jackson has had it with
87:   Feb 2013 Keith Ian The Devil Wears Prada Goats On A Boat Goats
86:   Jan 2013 Mike Keith Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell The Onion Song Vegetables
85:   Dec 2012 Corianderdog Mike Petrol Bastard Bitch Better Be A Meat Eater Dogs
84:   Nov 2012 Ian Corianderdog David Tudor Four Minutes Thirty Three Seconds Banned Songs
83:   Oct 2012 Corianderdog Ian Doctor Feelgood Milk And Alcohol Cheese
82:   Sep 2012 Mike Corianderdog Buster Baily Man With A Horn Goes Berserk Notes
81:   Aug 2012 Keith Mike Pink Floyd Run Like Hell The Olympics
80:   Jul 2012 Mike Keith Rolf Harris Jake The Peg Stevie Wonder
79:   Jun 2012 Holly Mike Neil Young Pocahontas Holly
78:   May 2012 Corianderdog Holly [none] [none] Springy or Trippy
77:   Apr 2012 Ian Corianderdog A, G & D Resurrection Shuffle Easter
76:   Feb 2012 Brian Ian Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up Songs That Made You An Unfunny Cunt
75:   Feb 2012 Ian Brian Ramones What A Wonderful World Happiness
74:   Jan 2012 Keith Ian Susan Christie I Love Onions Onions
73:   Dec 2011 Mike Keith Queen Death On Two Legs Mediocrity
72:   Nov 2011 BM Mike David Bowie My Death Dark and depressing
71:   Oct 2011 Brian BM Elaine Paige Don't Cry For Me Argentina Comedy songs
70:   Sep 2011 Ian Brian Glen Miller In The Mood Something to lift my morose mood
69:   Aug 2011 Joel Ian Boomtown Rats Rat Trap Itching and scratching
68:   Jul 2011 Corianderdog Joel Pachelbel Over-used choonz on the internet
67:   Jun 2011 Ciaran Corianderdog C.W. McColl Convoy Carrots
66:   May 2011 Brian Ciaran Talking Heads U Can't Touch This Abominations
65:   Apr 2011 Ian Brian Manfred Mann Blinded By The Light Terrible lyrics
64:   Mar 2011 Mike Ian Chris de Burgh Lady In Red Whoever bribes me the most oblongs
63:   Feb 2011 Corianderdog Mike Hawkwind Spirit Of The Age Science Fiction
62:   Jan 2011 Brian Corianderdog Art Pepper Opus The Funk Background Choon For Me Head
61:   Dec 2010 Naomi Brian Chris de Burgh A Spaceman Came Travelling Choonz where the singer is too fucking stupid to remember the words
60:   Nov 2010 Corianderdog Naomi Frank Ifield Lovesick Blues Yodelling
59:   Oct 2010 Keith Corianderdog Meri Wilson Telephone Man Happy
58:   Sep 2010 Corianderdog Keith Stompin' Tom The Hockey Song Surprises
57:   Aug 2010 Naomi Corianderdog [none] [none]
56:   Jul 2010 Keith Naomi Bob Dylan Positively 4th Street 15 miles from Bridgwater
55:   Jun 2010 Mike Keith Jerome Kern and Dorothy Field Pick Yourself Up Timing
54:   May 2010 Ian Mike Joe Jack Psalm Is She Really Going Out With Hymn? Psalms, Hymns and spiritual songs
53:   Apr 2010 Mike Ian Cliff Richard Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music Good
52:   Mar 2010 Brian Mike Girschool Race With The Devil Evil
51:   Feb 2010 Keith Brian Paolo Nutini Pencil Full Of Lead Waking Kuzmo
50:   Jan 2010 Brian Keith Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven Crashing your car
49:   Dec 2009 Keith Brian Jim Diamond I Shed've Known Better Sheds
48:   Nov 2009 Brian Keith The Wurzels Combine Harvester Something I've not heard before
47:   Oct 2009 Naomi Brian The Proclaimers 500 Miles Me
46:   Sep 2009 dr alan Naomi Family Force 5 Numb Cardboard
45:   Aug 2009 Ian dr alan Aerosmith I Don't Want to Miss a Thing Malta
44:   Jul 2009 Ciaran Ian The Tom Robinson Band Sing If You're Glad To Be Gay Pipes
43:   Jun 2009 BM Ciaran Tom Browne Funkin' For Jamaica Funk
42:   May 2009 Brian BM Tom Browne Funkin' For Jamaica Free theme!
41:   Apr 2009 Joel Brian Steeler's Wheel Stuck In The Middle With You Middle
40:   Mar 2009 Naomi Joel Frankie Valli Can't Take My Eyes Off You. One that I know all the words to
39:   Feb 2009 Jim Naomi Blitzen Trapper The Green King Sings Breweries
38:   Jan 2009 Mike Jim Lynyrd Skynyrd Freebird Cheesy floor fillers
37:   Dec 2008 Ian Mike Gary Numan Down In The Park (Instrumental Version) http://stol.co.uk/audio/ down_in_the_park.mp3 Elevator music
36:   Nov 2008 Joel Ian Solead Paperclip Paperclips
35:   Oct 2008 Erica Joel The Monkees Daydream Believer Songs that have not been covered by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
34:   Sep 2008 Mike Erica ABBA The Wiener Takes It All Food
33:   Aug 2008 Naomi Mike Rainham Sheds It's Rainham Sheds http://www.rainhamsheds.co.uk The weather
32:   Jul 2008 Brian Naomi Nat King Cole Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer Summer
31:   Jun 2008 Jim Brian http://www.earthstation1.com/ ThemeSongs/fbxl5.wav Astronomical bodies
30:   May 2008 Corianderdog Jim Kate Rusby Game Of All Fours Dogs
29:   Apr 2008 Jim Corianderdog Yvonne Prenosilova Me se libi Bob Spring. Or springs. Or any other form of stored energy device
28:   Mar 2008 Corianderdog Jim James Brown Sole Man Feet
27:   Feb 2008 Mike Corianderdog Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder Ebony And Ivory Truly awful songs
26:   Jan 2008 Ciaran Mike Lieutenant Pigeon Mouldy Old Dough Freestyle
25:   Dec 2007 Brian Ciaran Dave Edmunds I Hear You Knocking Christmas
24:   Nov 2007 Mike Brian William Shatner Common People Cover versions
23:   Oct 2007 Ian Mike The Freshies I'm In Love With The Girl On The Manchester Virgin Megastore Checkout Desk Manchester
22:   Sep 2007 Ciaran Ian Marcel Marceau The Sound of Silence G#
21:   Aug 2007 Mike Ciaran The Wedding Present Brassneck Something I've never heard before.
20:   Jul 2007 Ian Mike Eddie And The Hot Rods Do Anything You Wanna Do Cheering songs of celebration
19:   Jun 2007 Brian Ian Nina Simone Gay, Ginger and Welsh Red hair, homosexuality or Wales
18:   May 2007 Naomi Brian Terry Jacks Seasons In The Sun One hit wonders
17:   Apr 2007 BM Naomi The Grateful Dead Stagger-Lee "I just cannot be arsed"
16:   Mar 2007 Naomi BM Jenny Logan Do The Shake 'N Vac No time for a theme
15:   Feb 2007 Mike Naomi Bernard Cribbins Right Said Fred How long I'm prepared to spend listening to it
14:   Jan 2007 dr alan Mike Doctor Feelgood Milk And Alcohol doctors
13:   Dec 2006 Ciaran dr alan peter snell the black squirrels of london Gaudy lighting
12:   Nov 2006 Brian Ciaran Edmundo Ros And His Orchestra Brazil Inspiring music
11:   Oct 2006 Ian Brian Ian Dury Wake Up And Make Love To Me Melodic songs with clear lyrics
10:   Sep 2006 Brian Ian Candi Staton Suspicious Minds Instrumental solo
9:   Aug 2006 Mike Brian Sid Vicious My Way Flavours
8:   Jul 2006 dr alan Mike Henry Mancini The Pink Panther style and musicianship
7:   Jun 2006 Ciaran dr alan James Last And His Orchestra Mexican Hat Dance
6:   May 2006 LeeAnn Ciaran Motörhead Ace of Spades
5:   Apr 2006 Brian LeeAnn Nine Inch Nails Closer
4:   Mar 2006 Naomi Brian Pulp Common People
3:   Feb 2006 Brian Naomi Wombles Wombling Song
2:   Jan 2006 Joel Brian Guns 'N Roses Patience
1:   Dec 2005 Ian Joel Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel Make Me Smile

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