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Today's Topic Themes

Each day, pooclub issues a topic for discussion and debate known as Today’s Topic. Normally these are contributed by members of pooclub such as yourself, but on occasions in which no one has contributed a topic the pooclub elves who keep the pooclub cogs turning will supply us with a topic.

Spot The Theme

The five topics that are posted each weekday invariably have a common theme. This theme is only revealed at the end of the week as it makes for an interesting challenge for members to guess what the theme is before the week is out. So interesting is this interesting challenge that the elves award a prize to the first person to identify the theme, the prize being in some way related to the theme.

Odd One Out

For further interest, there is often an odd one out – a topic that although it fits the theme, is in some way different from the other four topics. A bonus prize is offered to the first person to identify the odd one out and explain why it is so.

What’s Next?

Another bonus prize is awarded to anyone who can guess what tomorrow’s Today’s Topic will be. If you have already identified the theme before Friday then you may be able to predict what the topics might be for the rest of the week.

What’s Wrong?

Also, it is worth noting that the Today's Topic introductions are not always entirely accurate. Often the elves will deliberately slip in a snippet of inaccurate, or occasionally totally fabricated, information. This is not to mislead you, or even test you to see if you're paying attention, but to give you something to contend. After all, Today's Topic would be rather dull if every day everybody simply responded with 'Yup, I agree with all that', wouldn't it? So, to encourage vigilance, pooclub offers yet another bonus prize to anyone who can identify and correct a piece of disinformation.

Any More Prizes?

Normally, you would think that you couldn’t determine the theme until Tuesday at the earliest. But that’s not necessarily true. If you can guess the theme on Monday, just from the one topic that we’ve had so far, you will win a special bonus prize. And if you guess the theme before any topics have been posted then you get an extra special mega-boffo super-duper amazing once-in-lifetime star prize!

All prizes are, as usual, subject to the elves being arsed to send them, but the most covetted prizes are not these discretionary ones doled out willy-nilly at the elves' whim, but the Topic Theme Oblongs! Oh yes, indeed.

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