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    If you'd like to propose a Today's Topic but have got a bit of shiter's block regarding the introduction, why not use our template topic introduction below? Simply copy and paste the below text replacing the words in angle brackets with ones applicable to your topic.

Today's Topic: <Wibbles>

Love them, loathe them, or simply ignore them, it's difficult 
to imagine a world without <wibbles>. <Wibbles> have now become 
the <thingiest> thing since <nubwarts>, and look set to take 
over as the world's favourite <barmuttock>.

But what do really know about <wibbles> Can they ever be a 
suitable replacement for <ninglummies>? And is there any truth 
in the recent allegations about their tendency to <hiberponge>?

Pooclubbers, you decide.

Then just post it to pooclub and enjoy the barrage of bollocks you'll get back in response.

Other ideas:

  • An otherwise dull news item can be given a good freshen up in pooclub.
  • A problem shared is a problem several people have. Donít be shy to trouble us with something thatís bothering you. We just might be able to help.
  • Sometimes pooclubbers have simply chosen Wikipediaís current featured article and just cut-n-paste a couple of paragraphs from that. Thatís fine by us.