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The Dark Stocks

Now, whenever someone does something great, such as the Stuff Today prospects, there's always someone else who wants to spoil it for everyone.

The fly in our ointment is the Dark Stocks. These are sinister, rogue stocks who are out to sabotage your prospects. Because they operate in a covert and fiendish manner it is uncertain precisely who these dark entities are and how they work.

The Great Stocks are working ceaselessly to identify the Dark Stocks and thwart their plans, but so far only two have been discovered. These are Jobs and High Street Stores, and because it is not yet known how they operate we cannot include them on the prospects pages.

So for now, the best we can do is advise you that if the Great Stocks have predicted a really good day for you and it turns out to be a complete pile of arse, please don't blame the Great Stocks. Chances are it's the Dark Stocks at work.

The Great Stocks are on your side. Keep the faith.

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