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The Lesser Stocks

Now, in the early days of prospects analysis, the Great Stocks noticed certain inaccuracies in their predictions. Investigations showed that there were other stocks besides the Great Stocks which had an influence (although usually a minor one) on people's prospects.

This lead to the discovery of the Lesser Stocks. It is still not known how many Lesser Stocks there are (estimates suggest that there may be several dozen) but those that are known about have now been included in the prospects calculations. As more Lesser Stocks become discovered, they will be added to the site.

The way the Lesser Stocks work is this. Each day, one of the Lesser Stocks is granted the full powers of the Great Stocks and is nominated as a Guest Stock. It then contributes to your prospects in the same way as the Great Stocks. All the other Lesser Stocks have no influence on your prospects for that day, even if they provide you with a Stock Day.

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