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One of the main strengths of Stuff Today is its ability to tell you what sort of a day you can expect to have today. Yes, really! And all you have to do to get your prospects for the day is enter your date of birth - it's as simple as that.

So, you should make this the first site you visit each day (even before you check your email) because you may learn something that will determine your actions for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, we haven't yet got round to implementing cookies to store your date of birth, so if you want to avoid having to enter it each time you visit the site you will have to edit your bookmark.

Some of our subscribers like to see how their prospects compare with those of their friends and colleagues. To deal with this requirement we introduced the prospects groups. We haven't yet got round to writing the code to let you set up your own prospects groups, but if you wish to join a group or start your own group, please email us details of the people you would like to include in your group we would be happy to set it up for you.

Send your Group Name and the name and date of birth of each of your group members to this address:

Note to celebrities: Many thanks to those of you who have asked to join the celebrities group. However, this group is now full and we cannot add any more celebrities until existing members leave the group. You are welcome to leave your name and date of birth and we will keep you on our waiting list until a vacancy arises. Sorry, Britney.

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