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The Seven Great Stocks

1. Fish
2. Kitchen Utensil
3. Fruit
4. Luggage
5. Mollusc
6. Organ
7. Cheese

Today's Guest Stock

8. Element

The 13 Lesser Stocks

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- Great Stocks: Today's Stock   Birth Stock    
Fish Rollmop Herring   (unknown)
Kitchen Utensil Carving Knife   (unknown)
Fruit Tangerine   (unknown)
Luggage Duffel Bag   (unknown)
Mollusc New Caledonian Nautilus   (unknown)
Organ Tongue   (unknown)
Cheese Shropshire Blue   (unknown)
Element Holmium   (unknown)

- Lesser Stocks:
Modern Combat Aircraft OV-10 Bronco   (unknown)
Creepy Crawly Wasp   (unknown)
Heavy Metal Band Rainbow   (unknown)
English Monarch Edward the Martyr (975-78)   (unknown)
Tree Oak   (unknown)
Mineral Topaz   (unknown)
Title Sister   (unknown)
Stationery Set Square   (unknown)
Language Romanian   (unknown)
Lizard Rhinoceros Iguana   (unknown)
Wind Instrument Alto Flute   (unknown)
U.S. President George W Bush (2001-)   (unknown)

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