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The Seven Great Stocks

1. Fish
2. Mollusc
3. Fruit
4. Luggage
5. Organ
6. Cheese
7. Kitchen Utensil

Today's Guest Stock

8. Creepy Crawly

The 13 Lesser Stocks

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Branded the biggest pile of arse on the net by its own authors, Shitespace proudly presents Today's Poem: Ballet Sheep.

Celebrities, royalty, the senseless killing of innocent people. It's all here at The Cull.

Join Ciaran for foul-mouth fun at pooclub pooclub
This fast action furious free-for-all forum has more f-words in it than you can fit in your fridge.

"Some people are only alive because it is illegal to kill."

Today's New Word
(from the Oxtail English Dictionary)

Tintagel - (noun) Tintagel (or hydrosuphuric aluminate) is a metallic alloy used by manufacturers of shaving kits to coat the last razor blade in the packet with. This makes it last much longer than any of the others.

By lunchtime Soap had had his fill of the Web. He had learned from it all he could learn from it. This hadn't been all that he'd wanted to learn, but he had learned the Web's evil secret.

And the evil secret of the Web is this, my friends, that all you can ever learn from the Web is what the people who put the stuff onto it want you to learn.

Robert Rankin - Sex And Drugs And Sausage Rolls

Last public execution by salmonella poisoning (1906), Wakefield Prison. "The hearty man ate a condemned breakfast."

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