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The Seven Great Stocks

1. Fish
2. Kitchen Utensil
3. Fruit
4. Luggage
5. Mollusc
6. Organ
7. Cheese

Today's Guest Stock

8. Element

The 13 Lesser Stocks

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Branded the biggest pile of arse on the net by its own authors, Shitespace proudly presents Today's Poem: Ode To Steve.

Celebrities, royalty, the senseless killing of innocent people. It's all here at The Cull.

Join in the foul-mouth fun at pooclub pooclub
This fast action furious free-for-all forum has more f-words in it than you can fit in your fridge.

"Where's my waitress?"
- Frank Zappa

Today's New Word
(from the Oxtail English Dictionary)

Chimle - (noun) The little bits of yellow fluff which get trapped in the hinge of the windscreen wipers after polishing the car with a new duster.

Soap surfed the Web until lunchtime. It was all action stuff. Well, at least it was sometimes. Well, perhaps it wasn't really, to be honest. No, in fact, actually, it wasn't all action at all. It was just sitting at a TV screen and typing at a keyboard, and although there are ways of putting a spin on that kind of thing and making it sound really interesting -

GET A LIFE!!!!!!!
Robert Rankin - Sex And Drugs And Sausage Rolls

Festival Of Pre-Stressed Concrete

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