A Limerick Duel

Vik's Prick

Kate & Vik

Kate:   There was a young man they called Vik,
Who had such a very small dick,
When erect (but not big),
It resembled a twig,
But not quite as wide, or as thick.

Vik:   But then this young man met one Kate
And his once tiny cock did inflate
To such great proportions
His huge jism portions
Did make this loose bird salivate.

Kate:   As he stood there, his willy inflated,
Kate sniggered and lauged while she waited,
Then before she could cough,
The viagra wore off,
And he stood there ashamed and deflated.

Vik:   When reality dawned Kate's heart sunk
The hard truth of life was it stunk
So she grabbed Vik's tired willy
And shook it like silly
And indulged in a faceful of spunk

For this brave young guy was a stud
He'd deliver his juice like a Scud
When she thought he was out
He'd spray more up Kate's spout
Til she'd realise her Nathon was a dud

So Katy did now see the light
That her future with Vik was so bright
He'd proven his power
To offer white shower
And enrich her world fully in shite.

Kate:   But suddenly, out of the sky,
A missile did land quite near by,
It blew Vik to bits,
As he nibbled Kate's tits,
She smiled and wiped blood from her eye.

Vik:   The King is dead. Long live the King!
Vik's spirit remains, and the angels sing
Kate smiles but with total delight
That her companion of mirth and of shite
Lives on while she continues to ming

Kate & Vik - July 2002

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