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The Bible

Did you know...?

that if you took all the bibles in the world and tried to stack them on top of each other they'd fall over.
  Let There Be Shite Welcome to Shitespace's most ambitious project to date - a total rewrite of the bible. This time, all the verses rhyme and scan properly and there's no convoluted phraseology that's hard to get your head round.

Naturally, it will be some time before we can complete such a mammoth project (possibly not 'til next Tuesday) so it will be worth your while popping in here occasionally to see what's new.

Watch this (Shite) Space.

Rowan Williams preaches Shite

The Archbishop of Canterbury preaches from the Shitespace Bible before a select congregation at Westminster Abbey.
  The Old Testament

1 - 2 Paradise Tossed
3 - 4 Noah's Lark
23 The Lord Is My Dustbin Man

The New Testament

The Gospel According To Kate
1 - 2 A Child Is Born
3 - 4 The Jesus Trip
5 - 6 Banging In The Nails
7 Ay Up! He's Back Again!

Other Scriptures

We're Gonna Burn For This.

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