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Welcome to ShiteChat

We believe that this is the finest Chat you'll find on the internet and we should know 'cos we've used it so much. Here, we can guarantee that you will meet more interesting people, have better conversations and get laid more often than you would on any other site's Chat. Honestly, once you've used our Chat you won't want to use your regular boring old Chat ever again.

Here's How To Chat

You go down the pub with some mates. Buy some beers and have a conversation. To chat to someone you don't know, you find a complete stranger and have a few beers with them. Listen to what they have to say and respond with some words of your own.

What's So Great About ShiteChat™ ?

ShiteChat has the fastest response time of any Chat. We achieve this by using a web server that is so crap that we bypass it completely and hence are not restricted by slow server speed or network traffic. Similarly, we have cut out keyboard interaction and gone for the much faster Voice Activated Communication Media. Instead of using Java applets and C.G.I. programs, ShiteChat is powered by beer. The more beer that is used, the faster is the (perceived) chat rate, the better quality are the conversations and the more interesting are the people you are chatting with. One major boon is that if you find you fancy the person you're chatting to, you can go and sleep with them that very night instead of having to travel half-way round the world only to discover that they don't look anything like the photo they emailed you.
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