The Clags Of War

An Epic Poem

Kate, Mike & Rachel

Part 4

Rachel:   Now the brave knights and the peasants were horrified at this,
They shook their heads in disbelief as the king gave his brother a kiss.
The humble folk of this fair land were pretty used to incest,
But two male royals coming out would surely shame their family crest.
As George and Farquhar went upstairs to practise being gay,
The townfolk all in unison fell on their knees to pray.
"Dear Lord, please won't you help us, we're coming apart at the seams,
What kind of example does this set if our king bats for both teams?"

Kate:   The royal bedroom filled with steam, the bodies writhed and moaned,
And pretty soon our Farquhar had the good King quite unthroned,
"Oh roger me! Oh stick it hard! Oh let it prod and prod!"
Cried Farquhar as the good King penetrated with his rod.

"Your majesty, your royal ass, it gives me such delight!"
Said Farquhar as he pushed and moaned with all his manly might,
"And now that we're together I just know you'll see the light...
And show to me those clagnuts that are holy, pure and white..."

Mike:   Then Farquhar shot his jism bolt from his pork sword so firm
But still he thought he had not yet quite finished with his sperm
He turned to face the royal butt preparing for a felch
When bold King George let rip a mighty thunderous botty belch.
The consequences of this act that unfortunately took place
Was that Farquhar now had rather more than egg upon his face
But as he took the bedspread, wiped the spunk out of his eye
King George's regal clagnuts he did enviously espy.

Rachel:   Now the king was not a stupid man, well at least not completely thick,
But he had a nasty habit of thinking with his dick.
His cunning brother knew this from many years ago,
George's massive throbbing member caused many tales of woe.
And Farquhar had a foolproof plan, he'd steal those clagnuts away.
"George my darling" his brother cooed "i've a game for us to play."
The lovestruck king was very excited, and not thinking with his head,
He lay there with a stiffy as Farquhar tied him to the bed.

The Clags Of War
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