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- An Explanation For Americans

A fanny and its constituent parts In Shitespace we sometimes have to make references to fannies. Now, it has come to our attention that our cousins on the other side of the Atlantic have an unusual conception of what a fanny is. To avoid any ambiguity, we are making this explanation here.

A fanny is not a butt. It is not an arse nor is it a bum.

It is a vagina. It is a bush. It is a pussy, it is a beaver or it is a snatch. Also it is a kipper, minge, hole, bomb doors, beef curtains, fish flaps, fur burger, snatch, love tunnel, fadge, Sigourney Weaver, Davey Crockett's hat, fish mitten, haddock pastie, lab kebab, vertical bacon sandwich, twat, cunt, bearded clam, crack, slit, slot, box, cavity, gash, gammon flaps, blit, spadger, spam alley, stench tench, steak drapes, bliff, front bottom, stilton muffle, stoat, quim, hairy cheque book, hairy cup, hairy doughnut, hairy goblet, hairy lassoo, hairy pie, velcro triangle, hee (Thai), salmon canyon, tuna town, serpent socket, honey pot, captain's pie, lettuce, minnie moo, Twix lips, monkey (as in "Does that monkey want a banana?"), mott, mapatasi, norton, poe, beetle bonnet, passion flaps, piss flaps, plumber's toolbag, furry bicycle stand, axe wound, or a pink velvet sausage wallet.

But it is not a butt!

Pieces in which we have had to make direct use of the word "fanny" are:

Cases in which references to vaginas in general have been unavoidable:

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