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If you support the Campaign for Rights to Awful Poetry (C.R.A.P.) please feel free to display the brown ribbon on your web page.
  Campaign for Rights To Awful Poetry

Shitespace supports the right to post poor quality poetry on the internet.

This inalienable right is increasely being abused as writers of appalling poetry face persecution from internet surfers. The internet has always been a popular forum for people who fancy themselves as poets but simply don't have the knack. There are currently an estimated 17 million web sites dedicated to poetry and the vast majority of these are of a commendably dreadful standard. But it is this group of sites that have become prime targets for those who totally fail to grasp the relevence of piss-poor poetry.

Common forms of attack are:

  • Leaving complimentary remarks in guestbooks
  • Sending emails to the authors praising them for their poetry
  • Favourable reviews posted on poetry critics' sites

Even Shitespace itself has not been immune from such barrages of adulation. Below is the full transcript of a review that appeared in The Zone, a U.S. web site review magazine.
To repeat for our newer viewers . . . we HATE poetry.  In fact we think poetry sucks.  Having said that we present you "Shite", a site filled with what?  You guessed it . . . Poetry!  How?  Simple, this is poetry like you've never seen it before (erm, unless of course you've been there already).  What a walloper of a site 

We decided to give them a chance and hit our first poem.  Titled "Arse" we figured it would be a good one to start with . . . instant classic.  In fact it's one of the most beautiful poems we've ever read. The site is filled with more classics that you have to read to believe.  "Cheese", a food or an object of sheer beauty?

The real question we have is how come all the really GOOD sites seem to be coming from the U.K. (us excluded of course)?  Once you see that horse you'll know why we had no choice.  This is a Zoney if we've ever seen one.  In fact we plan on paying all our rent in poems from now on, all we have to do is find a landlord who'll take us in.

The Zone - April 1996

100% The Zone award only two grades: "100%" and "Total Shit". Their favourable review means that we can't display their Total Shit emblem.


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