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The Gospel According To Kate

Chapter 6

i   Soon all the water of drugs was quite free,
The people were angry - well, wouldn't you be?
King Herod was given a knighthood and that,
And Jesus was called things like Cunt Face and Twat .

ii   They decided to hang him on top of a cross,
And kill him quite slowly and not give a toss,
And stab him with pins and set fire to his hair,
They would cause him great pain and they just would not care.

iii   Poor Jesus was hanging there for quite a while,
All dripping with piss, shit, blood, sputum and bile,
With nails through his fingers and toes, the poor bloke -
Oh, and one up his arse they'd put there for a joke.

iv   And soon, my dear friends, our poor hero was dead,
He hung on the cross with fat worms in his head,
And they buried him deep in a tomb near the city,
And then tried to get on with their lives, which were shitty.

BibleThe Bible

Kate - July 2001

The Gospel According To Kate
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