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Mexican Food Quiz

The Answers

Kate:   I think number 1 is fajitas but I haven't got a bastard clue about the rest.

Mike:   The answer is that they're all fajitas except burritos which are chimichangas, and enchelados are quesadillos with a little less cheese.

I hope this is clear.

Rachel:   Mike, you are so wrong. Quesadillas are chicken or turkey in a tortilla with melted cheese, salsa and guacamole. Fajitas are chicken in sauce with peppers, salsa, sour cream and guacamole (no cheese) in a tortilla. Burritos are beef chilli in a tortilla with cheese, sour cream, salsa and guacamole. Chimichangas are deep fried burritos. enchiladas are the refried bean ones.

Kate:   Bollocks.

Fajitas don't have sauce, they're dry and spicy and sizzley. Plus they can be beef as well, not just chicken. Burritos can also be chicken or beef or even vegetables, and they don't necessarily come with guacamole or the rest (although they should, and you should get very shitty with anyone who does not provide these for you). Chimichangas you have right, and enchiladas are just great big burritos that you only get one of. Again, you can have anything you want in them.

So there.

Mike:   Total arse.

"Burrito" is Mexican for "little donkey" so a great big burrito is a "burro" or donkey. Fajitas do have sauce - they have salsa and guacamole. Tostados come with slightly less lettuce than fajitas but the tortilla is a bit more crispy. Enchelados don't have quite so much soured cream but they have 50% more chilis on a Thursday. Chimichangas are sort of a cross between a Grande Ximenex and a Quezalitto but with more onions than a Juandamendo except on the Yucatan penisula where they're served with Pujamenija. Sometimes.

Let this be an end to the matter.

Rachel:   Since I am going to Mexico soon I will let you all know the correct definitions of these foods.

Mike:   Lissun doll, I've been to Mexico several times (well, twice) and so I already know the correct definitions. In fact I passed my PADI open water scuba diving test in Mexico. And I got engaged on the top of Chitzen Itza which is an ancient Myan pyramid. And I've got a Santana album.

So, don't try teaching your grandmother to suck eggs.

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Kate, Mike & Rachel - August 2001

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