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Cuntlip Tidy
In 1995 Leeds was suddenly hit by a new and unexpected phenomenon - rock chick band Sponge. Their unique style and innovative character meant that wherever Sponge performed (which was usually the Royal Park) those fortunate enough to witness the spectacle would end up talking about it until their next pint.

Sponge were never afraid to be controversial and would tackle issues that were normally reserved for the lavatory wall. That, and their lack of concern about minor details (such as tuning their instruments), has empowered them to grow into the legend they aren't today.

Here, we bring you a small snippet of their live performances, plus some Sponge-related studio (well, bedroom) recordings.

Sponge: Live At The Royal Park, Leeds
March 1995
Kate: Guitar, kazoo, lead vocals
Maggie: Bass, backing vocals
Jane: Percussion, kazoo, backing vocals
Jemma: Drums, backing vocals
Misirou (Theme From Pulp Fiction) 1:54
Plant Me A Kiss 0:31
Stick It Up My Arsehole 0:46
Slag 3:30

The Singed Bomb Doors: Second Degree Burns Cunt
ipod girl
"Please, mummy, what is a cunt flap?"
September 1997
Kate: Guitar
Sarah: Violin
Lucy: Recorder, percussion
Tuna-p 0:27
My Mother Was A Cunt Flap 2:59
Street Spirit (Fade Out) 2:57
Pissing In The Wind Alone 2:36
Let's Go Down The Royally 2:00
Switchbitch (First Movement) 0:50
Switchbitch (Second Movement) 3:05
California Dreaming 1:30
Lullaby For A Charred Infant 4:02

Sponge: Reunion
June 1997
Kate: Guitar, lead vocals
Jane: Tambourine, kazoo, backing vocals
Jemma: Drums, backing vocals
Chris: Bass
Fuck 1:13
We Rock 2:28
Let's Go Down The Royally 1:55

The Singed Bomb Doors: Squeeze My Cunt Zit
September 1998
Kate: Guitar, vocals
Sarah: Violin, vocals
The First Incision (Lancing The Anal Boil) 2:37
Men 1:24
Wannabe 1:49
Sailing 2:57
The House Of The Rising Sun 3:48
Traditional Irish Folk Song 3:37
My Fanny Is Caught In The Blender 3:57
Bonus Track 2:01

Come Away From the Edge 3:01
Easy 4:37 - not a Shite song (sorry)

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