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"Just a come on from the horse on 7th Avenue" sang Simon and Garfunkel in their classic 1968 hit "The Boxer".

Well, the horse on 7th Avenue will by now have made that one way trip to the glue factory but that doesn't make these words any less poignant.

For those of us who have been to Manhattan (which sadly does not include myself) a short trot along 7th Avenue is a deeply moving experience. Who was that young filly of whom Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel sang? No name is given in the song's lyrics, no clues to her identity. All we know is that there were times when she afforded some comfort to the two young singers. Such is the nature of the horse.

Perhaps she is the legendary "Horse With No Name" about whom easy-listening, hippie folk band "America" lamented when they rode through the desert. Tired of the city life, she moved to the Arizona desert where she carried the band single hoofedly through the searing heat of Death Valley, on to California. There she met Jimi Hendrix at the Monterey Pop Festival who she inspired to write "Horsey Lady" which Jimi's management persuaded him to retitle "Foxy Lady".

However, it all turned out to be quite pointless because two years later Jimi was dead of something quite unpleasant.

I guess, in many ways we are all the horse on 7th Avenue.

And one day we will all make that one way trip to the glue factory.

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