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When two great poets collaborate on an impressive project such as this, a fair amount of material is bound to get written that is personal to the authors and not particularly relevant to anyone else. It was our original intention not to include such self-referential onanistic diatribe (as it has been dubbed by one Shite admirer) but due to numerous requests from our readers we have decided to dump it all in this little alcove of Shitespace which we call Parochial Plops.

This material includes letters, poems and stories that we wrote to and about each other or friends, and so will probably only be of interest to people who personally know us, readers who are keen to learn more about the background of the Shite, or students who are studying a degree in Shite.

Also we include a selection of poetry (or should we say "pooetry"?) written about pooclub by its members. Again, this will not be fully appreciated by non-members of pooclub which is a shame because there's some bloody good stuff there!

  Communications Of People With A Problem

Heather's Exam
The Shite We Write
A Letter From Africa

Love Poetry

Heal My Sore
Mask Of Doom
Across My Knee
A Boyfriend Sent From Heaven

Pooclub Poetry

The Madrid Suite

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