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The Daily Mail - Britain's Vilest Newspaper
  Mission Statement

To become more offensive than the Daily Mail. We believe we have a long way to go.

Privacy Policy

We're not the least bit interested in your home address, telephone number, star sign, inside leg measurement etc. so kindly keep these things private to yourselves.

If you do feel the need to submit any information to us, please make up something interesting because, to be perfectly honest, most people who surf the net are astonishingly dull and we simply can't be arsed listening to them droning on about their dreary little lives.

Thank you.

Mortadella   No Spam!

Shitespace does not approve of the consumption of Spam under any circumstances. It is a vile comestible and should be avoided at all times. A far better choice is mortadella which is a fine Italian cooked ham with pistachio.

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