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Chapter 23

i   The Lord is my dustbin man, I shall not die of the plague. He makes me take out my rubbish, he comes to collect it, he leaves new bin liners.

ii   He sometimes even clears my binyard for me. Even though I sometimes don't use regulation black bags, I fear no foul smelling litter for you are with me; your big noisy lorry, it wakes me up on a Saturday morning really early, it gives me the fucking arsehole.

iii   You prepare my wheelie bin in the presence of rats and passing heroin addicts. You anoint the corners of my binyard with disinfectant when the smell becomes too much; the drain overflows. Surely my rubbish will be collected all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the safety of an hygenic environment forever.

BibleThe Bible

Kate - July 2001

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