"Are you the Shite stuff?"

  The Shiterati

Only one of these people is ever likely to bother trying to write Shite poetry Think you've got what it takes to be a Shiter? Reckon you could write Shiteworthy material? Do you for one moment imagine that you could possibly match the sort of stuff you've seen here?

Well, you could be right. It's actually not quite as hard as it looks. You probably think that we spend hours, days, months even, on each piece of Shite, agonising over it with painstaking care, pouring our hearts and souls into every last word, every subtle nuance until we finally produce a poem of supreme perfection, a poem that cannot possibly be improved on.

The truth of the matter is that it probably takes us less time to write the bloody stuff than it does you to read it. So, there's a lot less to Shite than you might at first glance envisage, and with this in mind you should ask yourself, "Could I write some Shite of my own?"

If so, then our answer to you is, "Go on, give it a go." After all, what have you got to lose? Just open up your favourite text editor, think of England and let the words pour out. Then send it to us and who knows, maybe your name will be added to the prestigious list of writers on this page.

  shiterati_pooclub1 Pooclub Poetry - Vol 1.
shiterati_pooclub2 Pooclub Poetry - Vol 2
shiterati_pooclub3 Pooclub Poetry - Vol 3
shiterati_pooclub4 Pooclub Poetry - Vol 4
elvis_died_on_me_birthday Elvis Died On Me Birthday
greetings_cards Greetings Cards Verses
viks_prick Vik's Prick
shiterati_julie_shim Julie & Shim
shiterati_jemma Jemma ("Spackerlegs")
shiterati_rachel Rachel
shiterati_sarah "Mollusc" Sarah
shiterati_andy Andy ("The Hat")
shiterati_steve Steve
shiterati_victor Victor

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