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Shiterati: Pooclub Poetry - Vol 4
A Poem About A Stapler

My stapler sticks things together
It's clever
Whatever the weather
It doesn't rust
It isn't bust
With a single thrust
It's stuck.

My stapler binds my letter
My letter looks much better
With a single fearsome umph!
That's shaped like the Arc de Triomphe
Binds neatly and so sweetly
Professional and aloof
Joined by metal tooth
A little robot's hoof.

My stapler says 'niceday'
As in see ya later
My stapler looks like a crocodile
With a smile

As George Best lay on his death bed, the UK finally relaxed its licensing laws to allow 24 hour drinking.
What A Shame
Naomi Onions

Life can play some pretty poor tricks
Especially for those who like their kicks
Poor George Best - he's on his way
Just as the pubs get to open all day.

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