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There always have to be a couple from a woman's perspective, just so later generations can complain about them getting included in anthologies of poems written by people who 'were really there': Be Still, Oh Sleeping Widow

Be Still, Oh Sleeping Widow

Be still, Oh sleeping widow,
Don't wake thee to this sight,
Let thy head rest for awhile,
This cold and heartless night,
For when you wake you'll find it,
The telegram you dread,
That tells you you're a widow,
'cause your husband is now dead.

Be still, Oh sleeping widow,
His picture in your hand,
Your heart is full of hope tonight,
How will you understand?
The man you love, no longer here,
He walks now, free, in heaven,
A moslem shot him through the heart,
With an AK47.

Be still, Oh sleeping widow,
For heartbreak waits outside,
Just 3 sweet months have passed you by,
Since you became his bride,
His soul, it lies at peace now,
His heart lies in God's garden,
And the rest of him's made into stew,
By Mrs O. Bin Laden.

Fire In The Sky

Fire In The Sky

Oh fires burning in the sky
And bombs exploding all around
I haven't had a shag for months
my boyfriends six feet underground

The blood and gore and violence
This war it sickens me
And now I'm hiding in a bunker
without a stereo or a T.V.

If this day must be my last
And on to life I no longer cling
All my friend must be assured
I be so bombed on drugs that I won't feel a thing.

Is Anybody There?

Is anybody there?
Is anybody there?
It's dark inside these bandages.
My hands too burned to lift, they sting, My chest it hurts to breathe.

Is anybody there?
Is anybody there?
I need a drink of water please.
Nurse! Nurse!
Can anybody hear me?
I need a piss!

Is anybody there?
Is anybody there?
I'm a hero, don't you know?
I saved the world from the terrorists, Nurse!
My legs hurt.


Where are my legs?


Where are my legs?






Is anybody there?
Is anybody there?
I don't feel too well.
My hands hurt.
I can't take off my eye bandages.

Can you hear me?

Am I all alone here?

Oh God.

Is anybody there?


In my chest...

So bad...








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October 2001

The Terror Of War
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