An Epic Poem

Kate & Mike

Part 12

Mike:   Keep your pestilent arse from my face.
It reeks of foul shit and your cunt smells of plaice.
No more will I read all your drivelish prose,
I'll use it to wipe all the slime from my toes.
And if you bombard me with more of this crap
I'll permanently shut your vociferous trap.
So plague me no more with your pen or your gob.
You spank crusty gits and you blow donkeys' nobs.

Kate:   Oh yes, I have spanked the odd crusty or two,
and some say my arse is encrusted with poo,
and some say my poems are washy and wishy,
but my sweet-scented tinkler has never smelt fishy!

You say you will close my sweet, innocent bouche,
but you'll never get me to douche.
You say you'll close your ears to my Shiting,
but you cannot restrain me from writing,
and you say that you want this poem to end,
but you're never going to let me have the last say,
are you my friend?
And I shan't let you. Oh no, not a chance!
So fuck off and play with your skid-marky pants.

Mike:   Fuck you, you tart, stick your head up your arse,
or go back to whoring and hanging round bars.
If you can't take the truth, babe, don't whine and whinge.
You're a rancid old slapper with mange on your minge.

Kate:   I may be a slapper, a slag and a slut,
but at least I don't look as if
I've been blown out of a horse's butt.

Mike:   No, you look like a warthog's scrote
that's just been savaged by a rabid stoat.

Kate:   Well you look like a rhino's ring piece
that's just been spunked on by some geese.

Mike:   Well, you suck scabby dockers' dicks.

Kate:   Well you eat their scabby sick.

Mike:   And you can get only 50p per trick.

Kate:   Well you have wet dreams about Russell Harty's prick.

Mike:   Clap-ridden harlot.

Kate:   Your dad was called Charlotte.

Mike:   Road slag for truckers . . .

Kate:   Sorry. Can't think of anything that rhymes with truckers.


Kate & Mike - December 1997 - February 1998

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