An Epic Poem

Kate & Mike

Part 6

Mike:   But undeterred,
my steed I spurred
and sped off at the gallop
through rain and snow
to face my foe,
the fiery Beast of Salop.

Then tete a tete,
the beast I met
belching plumes of fire.
I thought "This is
my nemesis.
It all looks grim and dire."

As I stood
on my stick of wood
the dragon drew its breath.
With great pretension
'twas its intention
to blast me to my death.

'Fore its advance
I saw my chance
and leapt into its mouth,
and as I felt
my body melt
I put the fire out.

But, oh what cost!
My ice was lost
amidst the fire's extinction.
The dragon picked
my wooden stick
and read my side's inscription

Q: When is a dragon not a dragon?

Confused and muddled,
the dragon, befuddled,
gave the stick a twiddle,
and on its behind
the beast did find
the solution to the riddle.

A: When its flames have been extinguished by an Orange Maid ice lolly.

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