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If you've hit this page you are desperate. You've read all the Shite we've got to offer, you've even read the tedious personal stuff that's not interesting to anyone who doesn't know us, and now you're prepared to read material that we started and then abandoned for some reason.

This is really sad. Stop now. Go out and play or read a book or just put the telly on. You're only going to get all cross if you start reading any of this because you'll find that we haven't finished it and you'll just be disappointed.

Oh, well. We warned you...

June 2000
We don't know why Mike never bothered to finish this potentially great story. Maybe it just wasn't that great afterall. In fact, the reader could be forgiven for believing that it was all just a pathetic excuse to use a load of rude-sounding names.

Murder At Ffelchingham Manor
September 2000
This gripping whodunnit is a play written by various members of pooclub. Pooclubbers would contribute bits of it at a time and try to get the play to follow on from where it was last left off. This was never entirely successful as can be seen by the occasional continuity errors, but it still makes a good read and maybe one day we'll re-write it and, more importantly, finish it.

We can't remember precisely who wrote what bits, but it was largely written by Mike and Kate with contributions from Rachel and some other poosters who have since left our forum.


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