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Perhaps the direst form of poetry ever to plague the English language is war poetry. For some reason, war always brings out the worst in poets, and it is always the innocent who have to suffer the barrage of drivel that these doom-mongering composers generate. And since we specialise in the idiom of tortuously dreadful poetry, the events following the September the Eleventh goings on provide us with prime material for boring the tits off anyone dumb enough to read such guff.

Waaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr Coalition forces come under heavy bombardment from horrific anti-war poetry.
  The Terror Of War
March 2001
The initial attack on Afghanistan prompted this wave of banal tripe.

A Prelude To War
February 2003
This volume was inspired by the build up to the Iraqi invasion as the world played "Shall we, shan't we?"

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