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"I Have In My Hand A Piece Of Shite."
- Neville Chamberlain

"We will Shite them on the beaches." - Sir Winston Churchill

"'Scuse me while I kiss the Shite." - Jimi Hendrix

"It's been a hard day's Shite." - The Beatles

"Shite on you crazy Diamond." - Pink Floyd

"Tyger, Tyger, burning Shite." - William Blake

"Ill met by Moon Shite." - William Shakespeare (from "A Midsummer Shite's Dream")

"Let there be Shite." - God

  What Is Shite?

Each day, Shitespace chooses from its vast repository of Shite poetry the poem that it feels is most appropriate to that day. But what exactly IS Shite poetry? What is it that differentiates Shite from all other forms of poetry?

Many essays have been written on precisely this subject* and many varied criteria have been put forward for defining what constitutes Shite. And although many of these ideas may have a certain degree of validity, we shall dismiss them all here and reveal the one overriding factor that separates Shite from all other forms of poetry.

What truly distinguishes Shite is that it is not so much important what the reader thinks of the poem, more what the poem thinks of the reader. Naturally, readers are still welcome to express their opinions of the poem but at the end of the day such criticisms are valueless and ineffectual. We're still going to keep churning out this stuff regardless of what people think.

So, you're doubtlessly wondering how do you find out what Today's Poem thinks of you. Are you worthy enough even to read the poem? Well, to find out, all you have to do is enter your date of birth. Shitespace is able to determine a great deal of information from the very day you were born, and it is this information that Today's Poem uses to determine its opinion of you.

And don't worry if Today's Poem doesn't like you very much, come back the next day and find out what Tomorrow's Poem thinks of you.

*OK, they haven't yet, but they MIGHT be one day.

Enter your date of birth and find out what "Today's Poem" thinks of you!

Read The Poem

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