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What On God's Earth Is A K-Day?

The birthday is a well established celebratory occasion occurring at regular and predictable times, i.e. once a year, on the same date every year.  Another regular occasion is one which occurs every thousand days after your date of birth.  This is known as your k-day and, because it occurs less frequently than your birthday and on different dates each time, it is therefore more important than a birthday.  However, for some reason k-days are rarely commemorated.  This is probably because (a) they are so damn difficult to work out, and (b) nobody has ever heard of them. 

Well, that's all changed.  You've now heard all about them and you also have a nice table showing the first 30 k-days of your life, which is probably about all you can expect.  You should take a printout of this page and store it somewhere safe and get all your friends to help you celebrate your k-days. 

Maybe they'll buy you a drink!

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