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The Seven Great Stocks

1. Cheese
2. Fruit
3. Fish
4. Mollusc
5. Luggage
6. Kitchen Utensil
7. Organ

Today's Guest Stock

8. Creepy Crawly

The 13 Lesser Stocks

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Branded the biggest pile of arse on the net by its own authors, Shitespace proudly presents Today's Poem: Is Anybody There?.

Celebrities, royalty, the senseless killing of innocent people. It's all here at The Cull.

Join in the foul-mouth fun at pooclub pooclub
This fast action furious free-for-all forum has more f-words in it than you can fit in your fridge.

"He who laughs last thinks slowest."

Today's New Word
(from the Oxtail English Dictionary)

Pollock - (noun) One of those tiny tubs of milk served on trains enabling you to carry them safely to your compartment where you can spill the contents all over your legs in comfort.

The journey was for the most part uneventful. No terrorists hijacked the bus. The driver did not fall asleep at the wheel, nor did he become lost. No Red Indians attacked and there wasn't a highwayman to be seen.

A couple of pirates did try to get on at the traffic lights, but the bus conductor blocked their passage and firmly tossed them off.

Robert Rankin - Sex And Drugs And Sausage Rolls

National "Feeling A Bit Sorry For Yourself" Day

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