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The Great Stocks are there to determine your daily prospects. They are there to help you. They work very hard to bring you the best prospects that are available to you each day.

However, they can't work miracles (well, they can, but there's a limit to how far they can take it) so please don't be annoyed with them if your prospects are sometimes less than satisfactory.

So, how does it all work? Well, the best way to answer that question is to look at an example. Take "Fish".

Now, if you go to the "Fish" page (from the Great Stocks menu) you will see what today's fish is and some interesting information about it. If you've entered your date of birth, you will also be given your birth fish (your birth fish is whatever was today's fish on the day you were born) and some interesting information about that fish.

OK, if today's fish has nothing at all in common with your birth fish, these two fish will hate each other and you'll get no fish points today. If they have ONE thing in common, they'll like each other and you'll get ONE fish point. If they have TWO things in common, they will love each other and you'll get TWO fish points, etc.

The same applies to the other Great Stocks and all their points are then totted up on the Prospects page to determine your total prospects for the day. Note, that on some days your birth fish will be today's fish. On these occasions you will celebrate a Fish Day and the fish will be particularly benevolent to you!

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