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The Authors

Kate Mike
Kate Mike


Kate: Well, we were sort of monging about in bedsits in Leeds an' we jus' kinda, like, started writing poems an' shit.
Mike: Yeah, an' then we'd, like, show it to our mates an' they'd say, hey, that's cool and can we have a copy?
Kate: And we'd say yeah.
Mike: Yeah.
Kate: And then my ex-boyfriend says he knows how to put this stuff up on this internet thing so's people outside of Leeds will be able to read it and that. And we said cool.
Mike: Yeah.
Kate: And it was wikkid.
Mike: Yeah, wikkid.
Kate: Yeah.
Mike: An' we get people writing us an' telling us how much they like our poems an' stuff.
Kate: Yeah, but they only do it by email an' we don't know how to use email.
Mike: I can't even read.
Kate: Yeah.
Mike: Yeah.
Kate: An' that's it.
Mike: Yeah, that's it.
Kate: Can we go now?

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If you think that poetry's dull
And prose is just a load of bull
Well leave your preconceptions behind
For here is something to change your mind.
It's bold, it's brash, it's in your face
It all lives in this special place
So come along, see what we write
It's all here on this fabulous site

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The Shiterati is an august body of writers who have been so impressed with the Shite written by Kate and Mike that they've felt inspired to produce Shite of their own. To find out more, trot this way.

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