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Dog's Egg




Richard III
Bum Cigar

Excrement   Faeces Kak
Depth Charge

  Turtle's Head
Thora Hird
  Admiral Browning
Bovril Bullets

Brown Trout

The Bowels

Welcome to the bowels of Shitespace


hearty_dump A Hearty Dump
all_at_sea All At Sea
mist_of_beautiful_clarity A Mist Of Beautiful Clarity
creamy_as_sperm As Creamy As Sperm
about_my_bowels Care About My Bowels
damp_moist_gooey Damp And Moist And Gooey
erect_my_yurt Erect My Yurt
fat Fat
fluffy_possum Fingering The Fluffy Possum
gone_to_seed Gone To Seed
grimsby_poems Hurrah For Grimsby!
i_walked_on I Walked On...
in_the_gents In The Gents
spongy_orange In The Land Of The Spongy Orange
piss_you_off Just To Piss You Off
let_me_pleasure_you Let Me Pleasure You
literary_laxative Literary Laxative
lovely_things_to_eat Lovely Things To Eat
kates_shite_day Kate's Shite Day
momp_momp_cark1 Momp Momp Cark
my_pet_frog My Pet Frog
my_rotten_fadge My Rotten Fadge
naked_fish Naked Fish
nursery_shite Nursery Shite
partied_out Partied Out To Kingdom Come
plonk_my_bottom Plonk My Bottom
pointy_things Pointy Things
pointless_things Pointless Things
strip_me_bare Strip Me Bare
sushi_on_the_menu Sushi On The Menu
tastier_than_sin Tastier Than Sin
comfort_of_these_pants The Comfort Of These Pants
peoples_princess The People's Princess
elements_limericks The Pleasure Of Chemistry
song_of_the_lark The Song Of The Lark
smile_of_the_unicorn The Smile Of The Unicorn
the_stuff_of_dreams The Stuff Of Dreams
sun_on_my_bum The Sun On My Bum
thoughts_of_breasts Thoughts Of Breasts
up_on_the_deal Up On The Deal
up_front Up Front
up_the_spout Up The Spout
up_with_the_cock Up With The Cock
were_gonna_burn We're Gonna Burn For This
chips_are_down When The Chips Are Down

Author key:
Kate, Mike, both.

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The Bible

Hallelujah! Tired of your King James version? Bored of your Gideon's? Fed up of the way the verses never rhyme or scan? Well, salvation is at hand for here at last is the most important reworking of The Bible this millennium.

Poetry: The first casualty of war Yes, it's war!
And not being the sort to evade the call of duty, Shitespace proudly presents the UK's first wave of War Poetry

They eat horses, don't they?
The French Are they really that smelly?
Discover interesting facts about our garlic chomping neighbours in this definitive guide to The French.
C'est les français. It's the French! Oh shit! Oh, merde!

If Tarantino came from Leeds...
Dog Fiction
A sensational tale of drug abuse, nasty sex and excessive violence, in unnecessarily vulgar language.

Food And Drink
Ever tried Melon And Parma Ham Cunts? Feeling peckish? Why not take a break from all the poetry and sample some of our exquisite cuisine in Food And Drink.

Advertising Feature
Cuntlip Tidy
It's Time To Tidy Up Those Tatty Twats Organise your orifice with this ingenious new invention. The Cuntlip Tidy.
"Because she needs it."

And Now The Gnus . . .
Sue The Gnu Made Of Poo Which is admittedly a dreadful link into our gripping tale of
Sue The Gnu Made Of Poo

Tales From
Beyond The Enchanted
Prong Hills
Five Short Stories By Mike

Mike - January 1995 The Prince Of Fresh Fruit
Mike - February 1995 The Battle Of The Fluffy Clouds
Mike - 1995 The Star That Lost Its Twinkle
Mike - 1995 The Poetic Eels Of Lake Quimby
Mike - 1995 The Baron Of Dried Pulses

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