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Facebook? Rubbish? How Dare You!


In "Lumps - Pooclub Accounts", Mike said:

ďWe have a Facebook group but it tends not to be used very much because, well letís face it, Facebook is a bit rubbish, isnít it?Ē

Mike now defends this outlandish claim:

Facebook is an extremely popular and successful social networking site. How can I claim itís rubbish?

Well, yes, but you should be careful not to confuse popularity and success with quality. After all, The X Factor, EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing are popular and successful. Need I say more?

But I will. The problem with Facebook is that the people on it are too damned honest. They say things that are real. They go into the minutest detail of their miserable wretched lives, what their favourite bands are, what books they read, whatís the name of their cat. They havenít got the initiative to make something up, something that might just be interesting. Furthermore, they keep telling each other how much they like them, when in reality theyíre just trying to be liked themselves and collect as many Ďfriendsí as possible.

This doesnít happen in pooclub. Pooclubbers fabricate yarns about themselves, make ridiculous and unsupportable claims and expound opinions that they donít truly hold. Theyíre not in it to be liked. If anything they go out of their way to court criticism and abuse, and take great delight in being insulted. As a result of this, pooclub has some much better storylines than Facebook.

Clearly, pooclub is not for everybody, and it simply wouldnít work if we had the same sort of membership as Facebook. But donít get me wrong, weíre not trying to be selective or elitist. We just think differently, thatís all.

Anyway, Iíve said enough serious stuff here. Thatís all youíre getting. Everything else that you read here in pooclub, I can assure you, will be complete unadulterated drivel.

And just be grateful you didnít get me on Twitter.


You can't make this stuff up, you know
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