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Today's Topic - How to set one of your own!

This regular feature is one of the most popular activities on our forum.

If there's a particular issue that you feel passionate about, and on which you would like others to engage you in intelligent debate and serious discussion, then save it for your next dinner party. However, if you've got an ill-thought out idea or a lame subject on which you'd love to receive a whole pile of ridiculous arguments and fabricated opinions, then why not post it as Today's Topic?

Today's Topic Pooclubbers love expounding nonsensical points of view on matters about which they know very little or simply don't care, so your topic can be about anything, honestly, anything at all!

All you have to do is pick a date from the available ones below and pop your topic into it.

  Fri 17 August 2018 private
  Sat 18 August 2018 private
  Sun 19 August 2018
  Mon 20 August 2018
  Tue 21 August 2018
  Wed 22 August 2018
  Thu 23 August 2018
  Fri 24 August 2018
  Sat 25 August 2018
  Sun 26 August 2018
  Mon 27 August 2018
  Tue 28 August 2018
  Wed 29 August 2018
  Thu 30 August 2018
  Fri 31 August 2018
  Sat 01 September 2018
  Sun 02 September 2018
  Mon 03 September 2018
  Tue 04 September 2018
  Wed 05 September 2018
  Thu 06 September 2018
  Fri 07 September 2018
  Sat 08 September 2018
  Sun 09 September 2018
  Mon 10 September 2018
  Tue 11 September 2018
  Wed 12 September 2018
  Thu 13 September 2018
  Fri 14 September 2018
  Sat 15 September 2018
  Sun 16 September 2018
  Mon 17 September 2018

If you're posting the solution to a theme (usually a Saturday topic) please could you precede the subject with 'Theme: '. It helps the topic history page format things nicely.

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