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Knick knack
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Lumps - Pooclub Accounts

There are three distinct parts to pooclub or lumps to use the technical jargon. How you wish to play pooclub will determine which lumps you will need to join.


Pooclub Forum
We use googlegroups for our forum. This is where most of our daily activity takes place. If you sign up to our googlegroup you will be able to chat and squabble with the regular pooclub characters and take part in features such as Todayís Topic, Poochoonz, Caption Competition etc. Activity varies enormously. Some days you can get over a dozen emails from other pooclubbers, other days you get nothing at all. You can, however, turn the emailing facility off and communicate with pooclub via the googlegroups webpage instead.

To join the forum, sign up here:



This is our main website. You will need an account here if you wish to vote on any of the issues that get debated heavily in the forum, and particularly if you wish to evict anyone in our monthly Cull. Unlike the forum, subscription to this lump will not result in you receiving a whole barrage of emails every day.

To get your account, sign up here: Register


Pooclub Forum
Wikis are great. They are an easy way for members to contribute their own material to the club. Weíve chosen to use PBWiki because itís easy to use and itís free and we have no money. You can quickly add a page to our wiki site, upload pictures or edit existing pages. An account here will not result in you getting any emails (unless you request notification whenever anyone changes a wiki page). Do try to abide by normal wiki protocol Ė weíre putting quite a lot of trust in you by giving you an account here.


Other pooclub lumps that we occasionally use (or used to use) are:

Marmite opinions
Pooclub Forum
Pooclubbers don't so much think
outside the box, they haven't a
clue where the fucking box is.

We have a Facebook group but it tends not to be used very much because, well letís face it, Facebook is a bit rubbish, isnít it?


Yes, shameful as it is, we have a Twatter account. Donít bother following it 'though Ė we never twat anything. I mean, how can you say anything worthwhile in 140 characters?


We used to use Yahoogroups for our forum but the service went completely down the pan and became no longer viable for the fast turnaround of emails that we require when a really hot topic flares up. An account here will only enable you to view messages sent between 2000 and 2005 but you will not be able to post anything new here. We have no intention of re-activating this service despite constant nagging from Naomi to move back there.


Pooclub's parent site. Pooclub was originally founded as a forum for the authors and readers of Shitespace. Here resides some of the foulest poetry ever written in the English language.


You can't make this stuff up, you know
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