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Tuesday 22 January 2019

It's a Lucky Day!
see http://pooclub.shite.org/luckyday

Poochoonz nominations are now closed.  The choonmeisterís verdict is due to be delivered.

The Meaning Of Liff
Excuse made by rural Welsh hairdresser for deep wounds inflicted on your scalp in an attempt to rectify whatever it was that induced the ardscalpsie (q.v.).

I Never Knew That
Sheep can survive for up to two weeks buried in snow drifts.Click Here For More Details

Poem Of The Day

A Tribute To Christopher Reeve

Oh Superman, oh Superman,
Oh super, super man.
Oh hunky man, oh hunky man,
Oh lovely fine young man.

Donít go near that horse, though,
Donít go near that horse.

Oh dangerous man, oh scary man,
Oh hurtling-towards-disaster man.
Clo . . .


Wee-wah goes the ambulance.

Bad horsey.

Nice doctor.

Oh fliddy man, oh fliddy man,
Oh canít move any more man,
Oh totally fucked man,
Oh life-is-over man.

Canít get out of that chair now,
Canít get up.

Oh dribbly man, Oh dribbly man,
Oh piss yourself and shit yourself man,
Spa . . .


Oh Superman, oh Superman,
Not so super now are you?

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