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Pooclub Features

Pooclub Features

Pooclub is famed across the internet for its activities which never fail to stimulate its membership. Often, as an added incentive, a prize is offered for the winning entry of a game. The fact that not one winner has yet received their promised prize, or the difficulties of establishing fairly who the winner of a particular game is, has not put off our enthusiastic members from participating in pooclub features.

However, whatever your motivation, we feel sure that you'll find our features at least as thrilling as running into the sea with three bikini clad girls.

Caption Competition

Our ever popular competition has been running for many years now. To see a sample of previous captions, go to:

Phrases & Their Origins

Want to know where expressions like "full of beans" or "kettle of fish" come from? Well, you can actually decide for yourself!


Join your local freecycle group at www.freecycle.org and forward on to us the most amusing ones. At the end of each week there's a prize for the winner. Maybe.

Vegetable Of The Year

We are delighted to present to you pooclub's Vegetable Of The Year: Horseradish. This is the vegetable that best represents pooclub this year and helps see us through those difficult times when one feels tempted to say something sensible, truthful or interesting. Vegetable Of The Year

The roll of honour:

  • 2021 Horseradish
  • 2020 Squash
  • 2019 Kumara
  • 2018 Jerusalem Artichoke
  • 2017 Jerusalem Artichoke
  • 2016 Tomato
  • 2015 Rutabaga
  • 2014 Mangelwurzel
  • 2013 Cress
  • 2012 Globe Artichoke
  • 2011 Cauliflower
  • 2010 Sprout
  • 2009 Quorn-fed Chicken
  • 2008 Mushroom
  • 2007 Kelp
  • 2006 Carrot
  • 2005 Beetroot
  • 2004 Cucumber
  • 2003 Yam
  • 2002 Pea
  • 2001 Potato
  • 2000 Parsnip
You can help us choose next year's Vegetable Of The Year here: For full details, pop along to:


Think you could chooze the choon that this month's choonmeister will like best? Test your skills in this rollicking game.

Twat Of The Year

Be careful when you post on 31st December, or you could be this year's...

More info: The Pooclub Guide

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