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Vegetable Of The Year

Every January we hold our elections for the Pooclub Vegetable Of The Year. This is the vegetable that we feel will best represent pooclub throughout the new year. It is usually a somewhat stressful and tortuous procedure but we feel it is worth the pain and agony at the end of it all when we have finally selected the perfect vegetable for pooclub for the whole year. Here's how it works.

Vegetables Nominations are gathered from our members throughout the preceding year. Pooclubbers are entitled to nominate up to three vegetables which will be collated together and submitted for election. Nominations can be set at any time of the year for the next elections, but December is a time when we revise our nominations and make sure that we're happy with our vegetables.

Vegetables currently nominated can be seen here:

And here's where the first of our problems lies. In the past we have had members insisting on nominating things that are not vegetables. So, when nominating a vegetable you should take great care to ensure that what you are nominating is appropriate. A good guide for what can be accepted as a vegetable can be found here:

The beginning of January sees the first round of the voting. Members are permitted to campaign for their preferred vegetable and are encouraged to put forward plausible reasons why it should become Vegetable Of The Year. And that's where another problem arises. The aim of the election is not to select your favourite vegetable. You should not back a vegetable simply because you like it with your roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. You should campaign and vote for the vegetable which you think will best represent pooclub for the next twelve months. You must put aside all personal preferences and think only of pooclub.

It is a purely selfless exercise and so you MUST ensure that you put the club first. This is all that we ask of you so we don't see why it should cause all the difficulties we've experienced in the past.

If at the close of the first round one vegetable has gained over 50% of the vote it becomes our Vegetable Of The Year. If there is no outright winner then the vegetables are sorted in decending order of votes and the minimum number of vegetables from the top down that make up over 50% of the vote go through to a second round.

These rules are applied recursively to succeeding rounds until one vegetable reaches an overall majority. That vegetable is then inaugurated as Pooclub Vegetable Of The Year and much jubilation ensues. Vegetable Of The Year

Roll Of Honour

  • 2018 Jerusalem Artichoke
  • 2017 Jerusalem Artichoke
  • 2016 Tomato
  • 2015 Rutabaga
  • 2014 Mangelwurzel
  • 2013 Cress
  • 2012 Globe Artichoke
  • 2011 Cauliflower
  • 2010 Sprout
  • 2009 Quorn-fed Chicken
  • 2008 Mushroom
  • 2007 Kelp
  • 2006 Carrot
  • 2005 Beetroot
  • 2004 Cucumber
  • 2003 Yam
  • 2002 Pea
  • 2001 Potato
  • 2000 Parsnip

Want to submit a nomination for Vegetable Of The Year? Go see our Vegetables.

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