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Oblottery - The Nationalist Lottery

"You only need one ball to win!"
Ever wondered what the bonus ball is for in the National Lottery? Well, here in pooclub we can explain all. As you know, the National Lottery draws six balls and if you've managed to guess the numbers on all six balls, you win the jackpot.

But then they go and draw another ball, called a bonus ball, but never explain what that is for. Well that is for us, here in pooclub. We have an arrangement with the National Lottery so that it can be seen quite fairly and squarely that pooclub has had no involvement in the selection of its winning ball, and furthermore to ensure that there's no way that that fiendish scoundrel Mike can fix it.

Excellent! How do I play the Oblottery?

Easy, just buy an Oblottery ticket out of your oblongs in the trophy cabinet. Each ticket costs one oblong and if the bonus ball matches one of your tickets, you scoop the whole jackpot! There's none of this giving some of the oblongs to good causes here. The winner takes it all, if I may be so bold as to quote my favourite pop band.

The pooclub Oblottery draw takes place on Wednesday. The bonus ball on the Saturday draw is used by our neighbouring forum polandclub, but we hope to be taking that over some time soon.

How does the Oblottery differ from the National Lottery?

  • On a rollover, you still keep your tickets for the next draw.
  • You cannot buy a ticket that someone else has already got - we don't split the jackpot, there's only one winner.
  • We ignore the Saturday draw and use Wednesday's only.
  • The results are announced on Thursday morning.
  • You can't buy an oblottery ticket between 6pm and midnight on Wednesdays (Zulu time, of course).
  • You only have to guess one number to win the jackpot.
  • Oblottery tickets are not obliterated on an Obliteration Date. They are carried forward into the next Corner.
  • There's no Mystic Meg here.
So, what are you waiting for? Buy an oblottery ticket!
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