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Pooclub Prospects

Top Pooclubber Today's Poostar is Andy with 51 points. Astounding

Happy Mollusc Day, Andy!
Happy Organ Day, Andy!
Happy Luggage Day, Carol!

Ciaran will be 47 years old on Sat 25 November
Zoe Ball will be 47 years old on Thu 23 November

Be sure to visit this page each day to see what sort of a day is in store for you and your fellow pooclubbers. And don't forget, if you want to find out why your prospects are as they are, just click on your name and "Stuff Today" will give you a more detailed breakdown on your prospects points.

Pooclubbers Prospects

  Name Prospects Points   Recommended Reading
1    Andy   Astounding 51   Mongolia (Mongolia)
2    Doctor   Quite Good 23   If I Hadn't Met Mike
3    Edwin   Fairly Good 20   Yorkshire Day
4    Jason   Fairly Good 20   Ode To 'O'
5    Joel   Fairly Good 20   The Fate Of What I Ate
6    Naomi   OK 19   The Tale Of The Infested Toaster
7    BM   Alright 16   Mrs Milford's Mystic Minge
8    Ian   Mediocre 14   The Soldier
9    Carol   So So 13   Nursery Shite
10    Brian   Poor 10   Happy Ending
11    Jim   Poor 10   On Your Abortion
12    Ciaran   Crap 8   Ode On Sarah's Birthday
13    Kate   Dire 6   Nice Things
14    Mike   Depressing 5   Fish Monging
15    LeeAnn   Terrible 2   Ode On Spring
16    Neil   Terrible 2   A Tribute To Dermot Morgan

And be sure to check out your "Recommended Reading"! This is a Shitespace poem or story which will be most relevant to you today. Heed its words.

Poopals Prospects

  Name Prospects Points   Recommended Reading
1    Shim   Favourable 30   Where Have My Balls Gone?
2    Duane   Fairly Good 20   S.T.D.
3    Jemma   OK 19   All The Nice Girls
4    Nathon   Really Bad 9   Spring
5    Lucy   Crap 8   Limerick #1
6    Sarah   Awful 4   Things That Aren't Cheese
7    Jane   Dreadful 1   Greta's Pet Which Wasn't An Anchovy
8    Karl   Dreadful 1   Stereo

Pookids Prospects

  Name Prospects Points   Recommended Reading
1    Daisy   Promising 26   Thank Friday It's Curry Day
2    Tom   Sound 21   Educating Mucus
3    Lily   Alright 16   Stereo
4    Corinne   Moderate 15   No. 49
5    David   Moderate 15   On Your Abortion
6    Finley   Mediocre 14   Jesus Was A Jew
7    Jessica   Poor 10   Ode To A Small Dog
8    Oscar   Really Bad 9   Tweep
9    Jake   Really Bad 9   Ode To A Large Dog
10    Christopher   Crap 8   My Nose
11    Kirstie   Dire 6   Brian Is A Cunt
12    Matthew   Awful 4   Ode To A Small Dog
13    Mia   Terrible 2   Boredom
14    Katrina   Abysmal 0   Leeds

Poosterity Prospects

  Name Prospects Points   Recommended Reading
1    Isabel   Splendid 41   Waiting For The Codeine To Dissolve
2    Matt   Super 36   Trout
3    Dave   Fine 27   Fairies
4    Stef   Encouraging 25   Fast Poem
5    Ruth   Dodgy 11   I Walked On Cake And Ether
6    Graham   Poor 10   All The Nice Girls
7    Rachel   Grim 7   Ode To William Wordsworth
8    Marshall   Terrible 2   The Secret Recipe


Weather: Today it will be Blustery.

Today is a good day to kill something and a bad day to go hunting.

proudly presents the
Poem Of The Day:
Princess Di.

Poodate: 6327

It is a "Reasonable" day for pooclub.

see why.

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