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Pooclub Prospects

Top Pooclubber Today's Poostar is Edwin with 45 points. Terrific

Happy Luggage Day, Andy!
Happy Fish Day, Edwin!

Be sure to visit this page each day to see what sort of a day is in store for you and your fellow pooclubbers. And don't forget, if you want to find out why your prospects are as they are, just click on your name and "Stuff Today" will give you a more detailed breakdown on your prospects points.

Pooclubbers Prospects

  Name Prospects Points   Recommended Reading
1    Edwin   Terrific 45   National Curry Day
2    Andy   Sound 21   Fisting
3    Joel   Sound 21   Mikey Mikey, We All Love You So
4    Mike   Sound 21   Boris Et Al
5    Neil   OK 19   Great Fat Hairy Arseholes
6    Naomi   Satisfactory 18   Ode To Steve
7    Ciaran   Reasonable 17   Poetry
8    Ian   Reasonable 17   A Poet's Life
9    BM   Mediocre 14   Fire In The Sky
10    Carol   Mediocre 14   Transcending Pizza
11    Doctor   Really Bad 9   In The Park
12    LeeAnn   Really Bad 9   Ode To Linda McCartney
13    Jason   Grim 7   It's Bollocks Being Pregnant
14    Jim   Grim 7   On Your Diagnosis With A Terminal Brain Tumour
15    Brian   Appalling 3   Underwear
16    Kate   Dreadful 1   Spring

And be sure to check out your "Recommended Reading"! This is a Shitespace poem or story which will be most relevant to you today. Heed its words.

Poopals Prospects

  Name Prospects Points   Recommended Reading
1    Duane   Terrific 45   Song For Jiffy Condoms
2    Jemma   Fabulous 44   The Lub-Lub
3    Shim   Quite Good 23   Star Trek
4    Nathon   A Bit Iffy 12   The Stupid Rabbit
5    Sarah   A Bit Iffy 12   Spam Poo
6    Karl   Dodgy 11   Mikey Mikey, We All Love You So
7    Lucy   Awful 4   Pervert
8    Jane   Dreadful 1   Shitty Ditty

Pookids Prospects

  Name Prospects Points   Recommended Reading
1    Matthew   Beneficial 29   Fish Monging
2    David   Not Bad 22   Morning
3    Jake   Fairly Good 20   Educating Mucus
4    Mia   Satisfactory 18   Spam Poo
5    Daisy   Alright 16   Transcending Pizza
6    Corinne   Mediocre 14   Genesis
7    Katrina   Dodgy 11   Trees
8    Finley   Poor 10   Bed
9    Christopher   Dire 6   Timothy Taylor's Landlord
10    Oscar   Awful 4   Over-Helpful Washroom Attendant
11    Tom   Awful 4   Zafira
12    Kirstie   Appalling 3   Come To Grimsby
13    Jessica   Appalling 3   Nice Things I Like
14    Lily   Abysmal 0   Wet Gob

Poosterity Prospects

  Name Prospects Points   Recommended Reading
1    Graham   Wonderful 43   National Poetry Day
2    Matt   Rosy 33   Psalms 23
3    Dave   Quite Good 23   The Plug Hole On The Moon
4    Rachel   Mediocre 14   Radiators
5    Ruth   Mediocre 14   Dog Muck
6    Isabel   Dodgy 11   On Your Job Being Automated
7    Marshall   Depressing 5   Having A Movement
8    Stef   Awful 4   A Postcard From Paris


Blank Day

Weather: Today it will be Dull.

Today is a good day to scratch your arse and a bad day to lance that boil.

proudly presents the
Poem Of The Day:
Limerick #2.

Poodate: 6422

It is a "Dire" day for pooclub.

see why.

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